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The vision for MODULTOP has been born from the fascination in minimalism and the awareness of the importance of functionality within the kitchen space.

MODULTOP is an original concept of a kitchen island constructed in the spirit of a pure form and care for the comfort of use.

The idea of MODULTOP bases on geometrical elements which can be easily configured in a custom manner, so that they create a whole perfectly adjusted to the needs of its users.

The core of the design is constituted by modern technological solutions, thanks to which the minimalistic body transforms into a custom-made space for cooking and performing other kitchen activities.

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MODULTOP is the physical representation of the words by Mies van der Rohe, a classic of modernism – “Less is more”.

Stripped of unnecessary decorations, expressive with its simple line and perfect proportions. The modern form of the island evokes associations with a minimalistic sculpture which enchants with its unpretentious elegance.

The simple body is accompanied by an incredible care for the finishing details. Kerlite, the material from which the island has been created, works perfectly with MODULTOP’s aesthetical vision defined in such a way.

The material is visually attractive, natural, and extremely functional in everyday use.

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It is only seemingly that functionality plays a role of secondary importance here. Served in a discrete manner, it constitutes the DNA of this project.

The invisible heating plate, automatic bar and spout, or a self-lowering sink, create a futuristic kitchen which is available at hand.

Additionally, it is constructed from an ultra durable material, which can handle any kitchen challenges.

Managing this incredible island is carried out with a smartphone, tablet, or an elegant touch pad (undercounter, integrated control sensors reacting to the touch).

All of this makes it possible to define MODULTOP as the most user-friendly kitchen in the world.

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Laminam, of the Italian Laminam brand, constitutes the material used by the designers to create MODULTOP.

A material of the future, which perfectly combines functional and aesthetical values. Fully natural, ultra-light slabs are available in an unusual size of 160 x 320 cm.

Laminam is extremely durable and more resistant to damages than natural stone. It can perfectly replicate various types of stone, wood, and metal, both in terms of the graphic as well as the structure. Furthermore, the product portfolio is being constantly enriched with new designs, by the team of Italian designers. Using Laminam slabs allows to personalize the MODULTOP island in accordance with the clients’ personal expectations, and in a manner adjusted to the character of their home interiors.

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A duo consisting of Jakub Wiśniewski (an architect, the co-owner of JMW Architekci) and Tomasz Pietrzak (a constructor), constitutes the team behind the extraordinary product, which is the MODULTOP island.

The first gave MODULTOP its distinct form and defined the concept of its functionality, why the latter took care so that the artistic vision would find its material outcome, and the function bravely supported the visual aspect.

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The distributor of the MODULTOP island is Szkło-Bud, a family-owned company dealing in cutting and comprehensive processing of glass and quartz sinters.

With the help of designers, we offer the highest quality products, refined in every detail.

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