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A duo consisting of Jakub Wiśniewski (an architect, the co-owner of JMW Architekci) and Tomasz Pietrzak (a constructor), constitutes the team behind the extraordinary product, which is the MODULTOP island.

The first gave MODULTOP its distinct form and defined the concept of its functionality, why the latter took care so that the artistic vision would find its material outcome, and the function bravely supported the visual aspect.

Tomasz Pietrzak

The constructor and main executor of the MODULTOP island.

Creative, hardworking, ambitious.

A passionate constructor and a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mechatronics, with a major in Automatics and Robotics. He has won numerous awards for his academic achievements. A specialist in creating mobile robots.

Currently he manages a family business handling processing flat glass. One of his most recent professional discoveries is kerlite. Thanks to combining knowledge in terms of glass and kerlite processing, but also concerning other fields of knowledge, he has patented the GLAMITAB composite.

Jakub Wiśniewski

An architect. He has graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Detroit Mercy in the USA. He has gained his experience in architecture offices in Poland and Germany.

In 2008, together with Krzysztof Jachowicz and Łukasz Michalski, he has established the JMW Architekci office.

He has designed a showroom which includes an exposition presenting the capabilities of the Italian Laminam kerlite slabs, first in Central Europe. The vision of the modern, modular MODULTOP island became the next step on the path of creating minimalistic utility forms.

The design has been created at JMW Architekci, under the guidance of Jakub Wiśniewski.